Sunday, April 24, 2011

#13 Play with Barcelona FC

As I said earlier, I like sports very much, which included football / soccer.
And which club is the best club in my world right now? Well, Barcelona FC.
Year after year they show proof of great talent, Messi is the world's best soccer player and the rest of the team shows world class.

Barcelona will play semifinal against Real Madrid in the Champions League - as I mentioned in previous post. And I believe in a final between Barcelona and Manchester United. United that show an upward going form 

I think can give Barcelona a tough opposition.

# 13 Play with FC Barcelona.


A good team like that with so wonderful player ...

By the way, I saw this on the week that Justin Bieber trained with at Barcelona, which perhaps gave me this idea;) Justin Bieber is famous and therefore he gets the opportunity, which I think may be difficult for me as a regular guy.

1. What you guys think about famous people get better opportunitys? 
2. Which team is the best right now?
3. What do you want to do before you die?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#12 Betting high at casino

I believe that within every person there is an addiction. An addiction to adrenaline and the excitement. I have such a dependency. I like to bet on football and hockey games. I like poker as well, imagine a tournament with big prize money and you are one of the last ten players? There is no better way to get the adrenaline.

#12 Before I die I'd like to go to Las Vegas, going into a casino and betting big on black or red on roulette. If you bet $ 10,000 you can double it to $ 20,000. Or lose them ..

I'm Back!

Hi guys. Sorry I been so absent for a long time. Have had some computer trouble for over a week but now I think I'll be back to normal.

Thanks for all the comments, it is you who makes it fun to blog.

Right now I work on a new post so hold on and I'll be back!