Thursday, March 31, 2011

#11 Volcano

#11 Before I die I would like to visit a volcano. Not one that is active, but one that you can only look down in. It may sound dangerous, but still you always have a guide with you and go through safety classes, etc.

Like I said in a previous post, you may feel free to suggest one thing that I should take up on my list. What would you like to do before you die?

"A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in a planet's surface or crust, which allows hot magma, volcanic ash and gases to escape from below the surface".

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#10 Champions League Final

I am very interested in football, like sports in general as well. And I've never seen football outside my country. 
In about a year or so, I would like to go to England and watch a Premier League game.  
The three biggest leagues in the world is the Premier League (England, Serie A (Italy) and La Liga (Spain). 
And to see a game from each league would be worth gold for me. But imagine a tournament where all the top teams from leagues in the world play each other. There is such a tournament, it's called the Champions League.

#10 See a Champions League Final. Over 80,000 spectators in a single match, magical atmosphere and world-class football. It is something that is ranked high on my list.


 "Champions League is an annual association football cup competition organised by UEFA since 1955 for the top football clubs in Europe. It is widely considered to be the most prestigious football club competition in the world. The final of the competition is the most watched annual sporting event worldwide, drawing just over 100 million television viewers."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#9 Climb Mount Everest

I am a person who loves to ski. I usually go skiing every year. There is no better feeling than ski in powder snow, right? To get to the top you must take the ski lift, and the mountains are quite high, it can of course take some time.

How would it be if there were no ski lifts? Imagine if you would have to climb up all by yourself? What if the mountain was much higher? What if the mountain was Mount Everest?

Climb Mount Everest, and yes: To the very top of it. Dangerous but a great adventure.

"dangerous but a great adventure"

"Mount Everest is the world's highest mountain above the mean sea level at 8,848 metres (29,029 ft). It is located in the Himalayas on the Nepal (Sagarmatha Zone)-China (Tibet) border.

By the end of the 2008 climbing season, there had been 4,102 ascents to the summit by about 2,700 individuals. Climbers are a significant source of tourist revenue for Nepal, whose government also requires all prospective climbers to obtain an expensive permit, costing up to US $ 25,000 per person. By the end of 2009 Everest had claimed 216 lives".

Monday, March 28, 2011

#8 Eiffel Tower

I've never been to france, do not know why really. I've been to many different places in the world but not just france, weird ..
Anyway, there are some buildings that I would definitely like to visit and I think you also should visit before you die. It could be the Disneyland Paris but now I think of the Eiffel Tower. Imagine being there in the evening or night. Dark in the sky and then see all the light from such a height, sounds wonderful.

#8 So number eight is; Go to the Eiffel Tower by night/evening.


"The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. Built in 1889, it has become both a global icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The tower is the tallest building in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world; millions of people ascend it every year".

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#7 Butter Sport

What would you do if you had how much butter you want? Now you may think I have butter fetish but it is not. But what if you had really really much butter, think that you can walk around in it, doing activities in it. Soft, slippery and above all very tacky.

#7 Fill a gymnastics hall with butter and play football or bandy.
It is so stupid that it will be fun :D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

#6 Bungee Jumping

Now we jump out of the kitchen area and moving to a little excitement and adventure.
There are many things whatsoever that I could write up here on my list, and they might come up later, there is nothing I can answer on right now. It can be anything from flying, diving, play a good game, buy that jacket you always wanted, buy a new camera, skiing, fly helicopter, etc.

But one thing I always dreamt about, and I WILL do it later in my life, it is:

#6 Bungee jumping! Imagine standing there on the edge and look down, deep deep down. How amazing wouldent that be? :D And then how free you will feel when you jump... Oh got gosebumps now!

Not really like this..

Friday, March 25, 2011

#5 Kebab Machine

Now I feel that I am for real in the kitchen area. So now I will continue with another clever machine for the kitchen. I do not know how the culture looks in the world, some may have never eaten this. But it is something that I could almost live on. So good taste has never been seen before. We must thank the Persians and the Turks for this incredibly delicious food. Have you thought about that without the immigrants in our country we would have a very small food culture?
#5 Number five on the list is a: Kebab machine! It's probably something everyone should get, and EVERYONE should really taste the kebabmeat. It is wonderful.

"Kebab is a wide variety of meat dishes originating in Persia and later on adopted by Middle East and Turkey, and now found worldwide. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab served on the skewer or döner kebab served wrapped in bread with a salad and a dressing." - Wiki

Thursday, March 24, 2011

#4 Beer Tap

Hello again. Glad to see that there are so many who comment on my posts. It makes me want to write more and more. In my last post, so I asked for your "to do in life thing" but received no response so I will continue to post my own list and I then see if there is someone who comments on a "to do in life thing" later.

There were many who liked the butter refrigerator so I continued in this kitchen area. This time there will be something you can drink ..

#4 Buy a beer tap for your kitchen! Now you do not go to the restaurant or bar to get beer from a beer tap, now you can just walk into the kitchen and pouring, just like a bar.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#3 Butter Refrigerator

Hey guys, thanks for sharing your thoughts in my last post, I really appreciate it.
I do agree with the most of you, Nascar can be cool but VERY dangerous!

In my next post I will let you decide the number four on the list.  
What would you like to do before you die? 

Anyway, I got my number three and here wo go!

#3 Get a butter refrigerator! How awesome wouldent that be? Thats really something you have to get before you die! Think of when you wake up one day and you forgot to buy butter the last evening... NO LONGER! Now you will always have butter in your refrigerator!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#2 Nascar

Hello people!

#2 Drive nascar in Las Vegas! Its something I think everybody SHALL do once in their lifes.

Oh yeah!

Monday, March 21, 2011

#1 Big Five Safari

Im not telling you that this shoud be the first to do before you die,
there is no ranking system of this so take it easy.

#1 Go on a Big Five Safari! And with the Big Five I mean : lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo.


Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello people, welcome to my new blog woho!
Here I'll list about 99 things you just HAVE to do before you die, nice huh?

In my next post I'll start the list so hang with me guys.