Monday, June 20, 2011

#15 Help Chris Medina

After watching Chris Medina's story about his fiancée, I was deeply moved.
Chris Medina was a member of American Idol and affected almost the entire United States with his sad story.

This is his story;

 Chris Medina's audition.

As they said in the video, his fiancee was brain damaged in a car accident two months before their wedding, and Chris will do anythingto help her.

After Chris gone out of American Idol many people wanted to do a song with him, and shortly after, a song was released that he has personally made ​​to his fiancée.

The song is called "What are words" and it's a personal favorite for me at the moment.
"What Kind of Guy Would I be if I was to leave When You Need Me most."

 Chris Medina's What are words.

There is a foundation for his fiancée and in the Ryan Seacrest radio show Chris was told that a donation of $ 70,000 had been made to help him out with Juliana Ramos.

I do not own the rights to these clips, they can be found on youtube.