Sunday, April 24, 2011

#13 Play with Barcelona FC

As I said earlier, I like sports very much, which included football / soccer.
And which club is the best club in my world right now? Well, Barcelona FC.
Year after year they show proof of great talent, Messi is the world's best soccer player and the rest of the team shows world class.

Barcelona will play semifinal against Real Madrid in the Champions League - as I mentioned in previous post. And I believe in a final between Barcelona and Manchester United. United that show an upward going form 

I think can give Barcelona a tough opposition.

# 13 Play with FC Barcelona.


A good team like that with so wonderful player ...

By the way, I saw this on the week that Justin Bieber trained with at Barcelona, which perhaps gave me this idea;) Justin Bieber is famous and therefore he gets the opportunity, which I think may be difficult for me as a regular guy.

1. What you guys think about famous people get better opportunitys? 
2. Which team is the best right now?
3. What do you want to do before you die?


Pentele said...

1. It really isn't that they get better opportunities, but the team gets more media attention through famous people.
2. I don't really watch football
3. I would want to skydive naked.

davidbloop said...

I would love to score a goal playing with Barecelone. Would be hard to top that feeling.

fit4life said...

this is a great blogging idea! cant what to see what the future things to do are!

Insider33 said...

1. Don't have an opinion on that
2. FC Barcelona
3. Play on the team that wins FC Barcelona, I suppose :).

ed said...

1. makes sense
2. no idea
3. alot of things

thelastmeme said...

List is coming alot really well

Jake said...

1. They're famous, I could care less lol.
2. I'm more of an NFL guy (I know, Yankee), but I'll take Man. U, yeah mostly cause they win alot. I'm sorry for that answer..
3. Sit alone on a deserted, tropical island, then jump to my happy death.

sandman said...

1 : well the guy can't go anywhere on vacation without paparazzi getting him, so dont feel too bad

2: Like arsenal, but they haven't done too well at the moment

3:write a book

Jamal Crawls said...

1. A little jealous haha
2. I'm a basketball fan, so the Lakers!
3. Touch a blue whale

cool blog concept by the way!!

fabio_2007 said...

1. They get what they want.
2. Real Madrid
3. so many things

mac-and-me said...

1. sucks, i guess cause i am not famousß
2. schalke04
3. complete my list of things to do b4 die

KatoFinance said...

I'm all about Real Madrid.. sorry about the bandwaggon effect lol!

Nohealz said...

Good post.

JD said...

funny reading. thanks for posting.

GetItFirst said...

great blog! +followed!

Dejch said...

1. Ofc they do, that has always been and it always will be
2. FC Barcelona, no doubt about that
3. There is not enough space 2 write it here ^^

Patres said...

1 - Better publicity
2 - Barça
3 - Live.

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