Monday, June 20, 2011

#15 Help Chris Medina

After watching Chris Medina's story about his fiancée, I was deeply moved.
Chris Medina was a member of American Idol and affected almost the entire United States with his sad story.

This is his story;

 Chris Medina's audition.

As they said in the video, his fiancee was brain damaged in a car accident two months before their wedding, and Chris will do anythingto help her.

After Chris gone out of American Idol many people wanted to do a song with him, and shortly after, a song was released that he has personally made ​​to his fiancée.

The song is called "What are words" and it's a personal favorite for me at the moment.
"What Kind of Guy Would I be if I was to leave When You Need Me most."

 Chris Medina's What are words.

There is a foundation for his fiancée and in the Ryan Seacrest radio show Chris was told that a donation of $ 70,000 had been made to help him out with Juliana Ramos.

I do not own the rights to these clips, they can be found on youtube.


Dick Burns said...

70k is a nice chunk of change. Good for him.

Good break from my cat blog here. ^__^

Ephedrine said...

thats some strong stuff!

Patres said...

There are still good people in this world

Adam said...

Never heard of him before today. Strange considering my mom is an Idol fan.

fabio_2007 said...

He sings really well.

Ragna said...

God! I don't how to feel. Is a mix of sad and... is like a sour situation and good to know at the same time that people like that exists.

I will be following you, I like you blog. Thanks for the post.

Reilly said...

wow, i'm blown away by this story. Really touches me

james said...

Amazing! Following

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